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Trying to start a conversation

this is a test

My daughter was born some weeks ago, so currently there's no progress at this project.

With better time management I'll come back to this soon.

I love the manhattan bridge. Looks so beautiful!

a jpg

I think the brooklyn bridge is totally overrated.

One week without update on my website project. Need to get my focus back to it.

Dear #indieweb, let me introduce you my very first reply via webmention at

Check if every old feature is still running after deployment

Implementing post type "reply". I see myself confronted with many complications but that's worth it.

Okay folks, this post should be syndicated to twitter and facebook.

Yeah, I'm done with twitter. And totally fucked up with the twitter link wrapper shit!

Twitter syndication with more than 140 characters. If this is working as expected, I'm finally done with the twitter syndication for post type note.

So facebook, you're next!

A simple twitter syndication

The only update for today is that I've successfully registered my new short domain :)

You can pronounce it like a mix of "chops" and "jobs".

It stands for Christian Hockenberger Online.

Currently it points to this demo/test page, later it will redirect to which will be my independent publishing center.

Shortlinks: CHECK!

But I have to register a real short domain..

Awesome days for web developers.

After 20 days I'm pleased how posting a note including sending and receiving webmentions works.

Now I'm going to focus on the syndication to the silos.

It totally makes no sense that sharedaddy, wp likes and related posts are placed inside the p-content/e-content block of a wordpress post. See for example. Stupid stuff. -Dislike.

#MayTheFourth be with the #Indieweb :)

Self-ping attempt to for some reasons

Try this ping-a-ling again for .. meh.

Fixed problems with date time in my database. Now I'm also storing the webmentions in my db and display comments next to the note single view.

I also do need likes.

A new day, a new test.

Let's try to receive webmentions here.

I'm able to create custom slugs now. Yay!

beautified url's #ftw!

This is written via backend instead of phpmyadmin.

Ein weiterer Test, es läuft!

Dies ist der erste Test. Ich bin ja sooo aufgeregt.