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This is the first reply

Reply on my own reply. Should be a multi-reply.

Also testing cache stuff

This is a webmention reply.

No more webmentions with 5.0?

here we go, localhost!

try it again

Okay.. do it again

You failed!

lets do this test


Don't got it.

This is a Reply to your post

That was a cool one!

Now I'm testing your webmention receiver.

Für dich!

now testing the webmention server class

another test mention again!!

another test mention

Zum testen der mentions..

Proud to announce that I can now post images with post type photo :) I have to extend the syndication function that the silos get a real image post, but for now, I am happy.

Fixed some bug

This projects is 2 months old now.

I can post and edit simple notes, replies, bookmarks and likes now. Deleting any of those items is not possible yet, but I don't care about deletion. Spoken words also can not be deleted after I've said them.

So now I can start with the really cool features like photo, rsvp, checkin! :)

Stay tuned.

This is a reply.

Just check if I've destroyed my reply post type.

Why do the u-like-of posts related to this post fail?

This is a reply to a post containing an image.

Relative URL's are no problem! :)

Welcome to the party.

Unfortunately no webmention was received by your target-url.

This may result by the fact, that no url is set inside your "p-in-reply-to" element. (See your source code)

Yep, webmentions sent right and also the display of the post with its context is great.

The last reply ("YES, it works!") didn't made it right. Hopefully this performs better.

YES, it works! :)

This reply should display two reply-to entries above the content.

This is a reply. My very first indieweb reply via webmentions.

just one more reply

This is a great test case.